Bitcoin Marketing – Case Studies

Bitcoin Marketing

Successful Bitcoin Marketing often arises from ingenious services simply accepting payments to open up brand-new niches. Lots of services have actually had fantastic fortunes with utilizing Bitcoin, which further reinforces the economy by providing more uses for the cryptocurrency. The almost non-existent costs and the inability to reverse transactions is a big selling point for organization, where conventional payment approaches (like credit cards) could leave business with losses.

Here are some of the businesses that have had great success with accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.

Bees Brothers

Bees Brothers was a service set up by 3 siblings that were finding out about bees through farming honey. With time, they wound up with more honey than they understood what to do with, and started to sell it in your area. This eventually led to accepting Bitcoin for online purchases, being that it has no costs and is an extremely safe method for accepting payments (without any charge-backs), and their company took off from there.

It is truly safe to state that Bitcoin is what made their service as effective as it is today, and they, in turn, assisted reinforce Bitcoin by accepting it. It is a win-win for everybody.


Expedia is a major website for scheduling travel, and they have actually just recently started accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. They tout over 290,000 bookable residential or commercial properties. As of yet, airline company tickets and vehicle rentals are not able to be paid via Bitcoin, but they have actually mentioned that they are dealing with it.

It is not clear exactly how much the acceptance of Bitcoin has impacted Expedia, however they stated that they came up with their own estimates regarding what they ought to expect. Expedia even more specified that they have actually been fulfilling and going beyond those price quotes, resulting in terrific things for the company (and Bitcoin).


Dell is a significant computer system business that practically everyone should currently recognize with. Their approval of Bitcoin was an indication that it was going to make it traditional, or a minimum of acquire more attention from those that otherwise are uncomfortable with the concept of cryptocurrencies.

cryptocurrency mining hardware to state exactly how their business accepting the coins is going to affect them, but it is necessary to consider the reality that their customers largely include computer system professionals and other knowledgeable people. In other words, it’s tough to go wrong with accepting Bitcoin as a technology company.

Since yet, no details has actually been launched as to what impacts the relocate to accepting Bitcoin has actually had on Dell, though it is safe to assume it is going to a minimum of be helpful. Even if the sales for the business don’t increase, every sale that happens through Bitcoin implies less cash is lost due to fees and fraud.

Why Bitcoin works for Companies

When it boils down to it, Bitcoin uses the exact same benefits to all companies that accept them. They provide trusted payments (that can’t be reversed or be discovered to be deceitful), low fees (the acceptor pays definitely nothing on their end) and fast transfers (there is no waiting on days or weeks to get the funds in).

All of these help increase company efficiency, increase the profit and help protect business overall. All funds that are taken in are held by the organizations themselves, rather than having to wait for a third party to release (or not release) them.

As more and more organizations jump on board with Bitcoin, it will assist push others to get in on it. This benefits the entire neighborhood, by increasing the number of providers and consumers that are utilizing the currency, which in turn provides more usages and helps create more liquidity.

Effective Bitcoin Marketing frequently results from ingenious organizations just accepting payments to open up brand-new specific niches. Lots of organizations have had great fortunes with using Bitcoin, which even more enhances the economy by giving more usages for the cryptocurrency. This eventually led to accepting Bitcoin for online purchases, being that it has no fees and is a really safe method for accepting payments (with no charge-backs), and their business blew up from there.

Expedia is a significant website for reserving travel, and they have actually just recently begun accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. As of yet, airline tickets and vehicle leasings are not able to be paid by means of Bitcoin, however they have actually specified that they are working on it.

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