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I am a graduate level instructor of Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, and every now and then people ask in case I know of good online Bible commentaries. This’s a hard question to answer because there’s simply no quality command online. Any individual, regardless of credentials, can post comments about the Bible online as well as ensure it is make an appearance in the search engines. With that said the recommendation that I typically provide is to use Google Books.
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You will find two ways in which Google Books is usually ideal for finding online Bible commentaries to use. First, they post entire works which are out of copyright. On the list of good from copyright commentaries they post will be the International Critical Commentary (series). These texts are obviously somewhat dated; however, they do contain an excellent part of useful information.

Next, Google Books allows limited previews of even more modern day commentaries. These days, this’s never going to be useful, particularly in case you are attempting to systematically study a certain Biblical book. Some areas of the commentary aren’t going to be for sale for viewing. But if you are just wanting to master a unique passage of scripture that interests you, or in case you are wanting to study a particular passage for a homily or group study, the limited preview could be useful.

In terms of the limited preview for online Bible commentaries, I must signal you that Google Books does minimize the number of times you are able to use the limited preview. A proven way around this’s using a distinct browser. In particular, when I’ve gone over my limit utilizing Firefox, I have been equipped to shift to Opera and make use of the limited check out again.

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